Sculpted paintings and movement brushstrokes are my specialties.

Selected by SAATCHI as one of a hundred most exciting emerging artist.

A Modern artist 

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Aida Bell

Aida Bell is a woman of science and art. She was born in Africa, lived a great part of her life in Paris, France, and more than 25 years all over the US, mainly Arizona and New York. She moved with her family to Kansas 5 years ago and she is happy to call Wichita, home.

Over the years she has developed exceptional sculpted abstract art using her unique mixed media techniques, aiming to depict beauty through a combination of color, texture with always a touch of gold or silver, "it add ce gene sais quoi" as she likes to say.

The goal is to spark an emotion through the eye and within the heart of the viewer.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but the inward significance.


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Andover, KS, USA


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Artist Holding a Paintbrush